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Christianity And Islam

Top 5 Similarities Between Christianity and Islam

Almost all the religions teach you the same doctrines and the same values that you can take for your life. But certain religions are strikingly similar and also believed to have grown from the same root. Christianity and Islam is one such combination. Both the religions have a lot of similarities, and they also believe in similar concepts. SO here are some of the similarities between Islam and Christianity.

Both religions take the same base:

Out of the similarities that these religions enjoy, the first thing that is similar is the starting point of the religion. Both the religions started at the same place and same time and were one religion in the beginning. That is why the Old Testament of Bible and the Quran are almost similar and have the same content and chronology. Almost till the story of Jacob, one of the ideal personalities of the Old Testament, both the books have the same story.

The arrival of Jesus Christ:

Both religions celebrate the coming of Jesus and have almost recorded the same facts in their books. The only difference here is the way Bible sees Jesus Christ and the way Quran Sees Jesus Christ. While the former accept Christ as the son of God, Quran calls him as one of the greatest prophets of time and that he came in the line of Prophet Mohammed and nothing more than that. Though Quran calls Christ nothing but a man with flesh and blood, they have accepted his divinity as well.

Mentioning Mary, the mother of Christ:


Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, is one of the most influential and holy characters you will ever get to see in the Bible. The role that she plays in the institution of Christianity is very much significant. This is because without her supplication things would have taken a different track. Quran also records Mary, in the name of Mariam, as one of the greatest women of the religious history. They speak of Mary more than they speak of their own prophets.

The concept of One God:

Both Christianity and Islam believe in the idea of one true God, and there is no one else. Though Christians believe in the idea of the Holy Trinity that is one God in three different forms, they still haven’t boycotted the rule, and that is the way they have their doctrines set in the same way. One god in three different forms, nevertheless one true God.


It is quite evident that they have the same set of commandments to follow as there are a lot of common rules and dictum that is practised in common. The 10 commandments that the Catholics hail are the commandments that were received during the period of Moses and that is why the same rules apply to Islam community as well.