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Doctrines That Make Christianity A Religion That Most People Accept

All of us are closely associated with the religion that we follow, and I need not have to tell you a large number of religions that are present in the world. People have the liberty to follow the religion that they want and involve themselves in any kind of religious practice as that choose to. But if we dig a little deeper, only certain religions have the ability to create a deep and long-lasting impact, and Christianity is one of those religions. So here are some of the doctrines of Christianity for which people love the religion.

The doctrine of love:

This is one of the foremost doctrines that people across the world adore, and that is the doctrine of love. Bible tells the importance of love and also states that a good person will also love his enemy. You will be able to forgive even your sworn enemy if your heart is filled with love. There is no point in loving someone who loves you. All of us can do that. But when you love your enemy, you are trying to make a difference there.

The doctrine of forgiveness:

Most doctrines teach you to either hate the evil doers or stay away from them. But that is not the case when it comes to Christianity. The doctrines of Christianity state that you should learn to forgive people no matter how many times they hurt you or wrong. Because the best way to get rid of them is to forgive them and keep them off your thoughts. It takes a lot to forgive than to hate.

The doctrine of salvation:


This obviously has to be the part that inspires many people and draws them into the religion of Christianity. The idea of one man dying for our sins is not possible, and I don’t think there is a religion that gives you this doctrine. This, in fact, is the strongest point that validates the idea of Christianity and it is this greatest deed that people love about in this religion.

Do not judge:


Nobody is perfect in this world, and all of us sin in our own way. But we are also the kind of people who make quick judgements about others who lead a sinful life. Catholicism teaches you not to judge others and also to love everybody equally irrespective of their sins. Avoiding the act of judging others is possible only when you learn to love and forgive everybody.

The doctrine of faith:

Christianity is a religion that is built on the doctrine of faith. Jesus has talked a lot about the importance of faith and the ability to trust even if you haven’t seen him. He calls the people who follow him even in his absence, even if they haven’t seen him are the kind of people He calls blessed. Such is the importance of faith in the religion of Christianity.